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Milwaukee 2013

Released Feb 2014

Feb 2014

Milwaukee 2013ish Nascar Version.

This track use Milwaukee 2008 by 3MN5 as a base.

Yet another great track no longer used by the Nascar Circuis.

This version supports the running of all 3 Nascar series.

Whats been done.

All new wall colour and textures

All new billboard 3do's

All new wall logos

All new asphalt logos

New caution Lights

New pit box skid marks

Added more Floodlights around the track

Ferris wheel added

Sandbox and Mip work - Badhairday

Big thank you to Renault Fan who helped me overcome my inability to use Photoshop and layers.

 He also produced the Royal Crown Cola Text on the backstretch wall.

 The flag textures on pit road.

 The Harco Brands Billboard and wall logo.

Ian for permission to use the Ferris Wheel

        And for his pit road control lights.



NOTE:DO NOT repost or modify this version without permission from Freddy and Sean.

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